In this case, our client purchased their brand new 2019 Ram Promaster City from LA CDJR in 2019. They were initially satisfied with their purchase until they started experiencing multiple issues with the vehicle’s ignition system, transmission system, braking system, electrical system, body system, suspension system, connectivity system, and engine.

The first significant issue first surfaced in November 2019 when the vehicle had trouble starting. The servicing dealer, LA CDJR, addressed this by flashing the PCM software and replacing the car battery. Despite these repairs, our client’s troubles were far from over.

Some months later in August 2020, the client reported that the vehicle hesitated while accelerating and jolted while braking. Despite multiple inspections and test drives by the technicians, these issues could not be verified or resolved at that time.

By September 2021, the vehicle had developed additional symptoms. The interior outside mirror adjustment molding was loose and coming apart. Our client experienced hard clunk from the front-end suspension when going over bumps, hard shifting from the transmission at slow speeds, a lack of power under load when accelerating around 10mph, and issues with Bluetooth losing pairing.

Despite multiple visits to the service center and various attempts at repairs, these vehicle problems continued

After spending a total of 8 days out of service due to these various issues, our client decided to explore their legal options. After searching for lemon law assistance in California, he found our team at Consumer Law Experts PC, – the Lemon Law Experts.

This client was thrilled to have our team represent them in their case against FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)As a result of our efforts, FCA agreed to address all issues with the defective 2019 Ram Promaster City. Our client was able to submit a successful claim against FCA and obtain rightful compensation for owning the Ram lemon.

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