This client began noticing serious structural issues with their 2017 Dodge Grand Caravan after owning the brand-new vehicle for nearly three years. In early 2020, our client took their Dodge Grand Caravan in for repairs. It was impossible to open the vehicle’s passenger sliding door from the inside or outside. The technician had to remove the door panel in order to open the door. After inspecting the sliding door hatch, the repair shop found that the electrical actuator was frozen. The technician went ahead and replaced the passenger sliding door latch actuator, installed new glass, and a new door panel. The Dodge Grand Caravan spent 3 days at the dealership for these repairs.

Nearly a year later, our client found themselves dealing with a series of repairs on the Dodge vehicle. They experienced serious symptoms in the Dodge including failure to shift gears and coolant leaks from the vehicle’s engine. At one point the 2017 Dodge Caravan spent 25 days out of service due to repairs to its transmission system. The vehicle would refuse to change gears, and this was particularly alarming for our client.

Despite the repairs made on the Grand Caravan, our client continued to experience ongoing issues with the vehicle. These problems affected the performance of the vehicle and ultimately caused a significant amount of frustration and inconvenience for our client. After multiple attempts to address the problems with the dealership, our client reached out to our team at Lemon Law Experts.

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