Our client first noticed lemon issues in her 2020 Ram 1500, at just over 20,000 miles. On this first repair visit, our client informed the dealership of several structural issues in the pickup truck including several fluid leaks, a whistling sound, and wind coming in through the windows. Despite initial repairs, our client found herself back at the repair shop for these same issues just months later. 

The check engine light had turned on just prior to our client’s second repair visit. The Ram 1500’s battery was also extremely low; technicians were forced to jumpstart the pickup. Water continued to leak throughout the vehicle, our client told the service provider that the carpet under the back seat was constantly wet from the leak. Fluid leaked from under the third brake light, once again.

Some months later, this client took the Ram pickup truck in for one final repair visit. She was experiencing the same water leak issue. Despite multiple repairs, the Ram dealer was unable to fix the fluid leak problem. Exhausted from owning this vehicle, our client decided to search online to review her options. 

With help from the Lemon Law Experts, this client scored an outstanding settlement for their lemon law claim. FCA agreed to buy back the 2020 Ram 1500 and reimburse our client for all expenses associated with the Ram lemon, including her legal fees. She was relieved to finally get rid of the Ram pickup lemon and use the settlement towards the purchase of a new, much more reliable car. 

Owning a defective vehicle can be extremely expensive and costly. If you live in California and have experienced similar problems in your pickup or any other vehicle, you should consult with the Lemon Law Experts. We have helped thousands of pickup drivers across the state recover millions for their lemon law claims, and there is no reason why you could not be among our success stories. Find out if you qualify for a replacement truck, cash compensation, or a lemon law refund through a free, no-obligation consultation, give us a call at 877-885-5366 or fill out an online form on our site.