The drivers of a newly purchased 2020 Ford Mustang SC GT confronted a series of vehicle issues and defects mere weeks after taking the vehicle home.  The problems first emerged during the initial 44 days of ownership, when the vehicle was still relatively new, with low mileage.

The clients reported that the Check Engine Light (CEL) was illuminated, and that the vehicle exhibited symptoms of slipping between gears. At times, the Ford Mustang would shift to neutral while driving and when it did shift, it would suddenly slam into gear, accompanied by an unusual burning smell.

They also noted fluid leaks in the vehicle. The servicing dealer identified trouble codes P6874, P0867, and P0868, and initiated an adaptive drive learning strategy to address these issues. The servicing dealer replaced the pickup’s cooler lines in an effort to resolve the leak issue.

In a subsequent repair visit with the vehicle’s mileage less than 25,000, the clients reported various concerns. These included a request for a multi-point inspection, improper rearview camera function, a brake pedal bracket fracture, and significant oil leak.

To address these issues, the servicing dealer replaced the rear camera, reconfigured it, and cleared the associated error codes. They also replaced the brake pedal assembly, and in response to the oil leakage issue, they replaced the transmission cooler lines, topped off the transmission fluid, and thoroughly cleaned the vehicle’s under-chassis area.

Frustrated with their experience, our clients decided to see if their situation qualified for lemon law relief- and that is when they decided to contact the Lemon Law Experts.

Our clients’ case resulted in exceptional outcomes. Ford Motor Company agreed to buy back the car and reimburse all monies spent on the vehicle. The manufacturer also agreed to pay all of our client’s legal fees and expenses.

Our clients were thrilled to have swiftly fixed the problem with their faulty Ford Mustang and bought a new, far more trustworthy car that gave them peace of mind, all thanks to the Lemon Law Experts acting as their advocate.

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