Our client’s new 2017 Ford Explorer spent multiple days out of service for repairs. Warning lights kept appearing on the dash screen. The charging system light would flash constantly, and our client was not sure what to do. After each repair, our client ran into the same ongoing problems with her vehicle. She started to suspect that she may in fact be in ownership of a lemon.

Newer Ford Explorer models have their fair share of lemon issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recalled the 2017 Ford Explorer ten times for various structural and suspension defects, including loose retention pins, sharp seat frame edges, and fluid leaks. The 2017 Ford Explorer is also prone to electrical system defects.

In formal complaints to NHTSA, several 2017 Explorer drivers mention electrical failures in their vehicles that result in loss of radio, navigation, and rearview camera display. Excessive, repeated warning lights, which our client experienced, are another common symptom of electrical trouble in affected Explorer vehicles. Some Ford drivers also say that these electrical malfunctions have resulted in vehicle speed control issues and the disabling of their vehicles’ cruise control. These electrical failures routinely result in auto accidents.

Our client did not want to wait until her vehicle’s problems got even worse. She decided to contact the Lemon Law Experts after researching her vehicle’s problems online. Our team determined that she was in fact eligible for a lemon law claim and decided to proceed with her case. She did not regret giving us a call. The Lemon Law Experts fought hard against Ford. The automaker eventually agreed to buy back the 2017 Ford Explorer and reimburse our client for all incidental costs associated with the lemon, including her attorney fees. She was incredibly happy with the results! If you’re experiencing similar troubles with your vehicle, let us know. Through a free and confidential assessment, we can help you determine what you could receive in recovery. Contact us today.