Strange squeaking noises began to appear in this 2019 Ford F-250 pickup truck at just a little over 1,500 miles.  According to our client, the sound appeared to be coming from the dash compartment. They took the vehicle in for repair but were back at the dealer about a month later for the same issue. This time, the technician was able to verify their concern and replaced the dash panel storage compartment. The service provider also installed insulation pads on the mounting points to prevent the creaking sound. After one day of repairs, the pickup was sent home.

Unfortunately, about two months later, our client had to take the pickup in for repairs once again. They continued to notice strange noises coming from the F-250. This time, our client noticed a squeaking sound coming from the center of the dashboard display area. They noticed that when they pressed down on the right AC vent, the rattling would go away. On this third repair visit, the technician installed new components into the vent assembly to get rid of the creaking sound.

For about 9 months following that visit, the car was operating normally without any strange noises. Our client didn’t expect that one day the creaking would return. Now, the sound was louder than it was before, and our client noticed extreme wobbling in the front of the pickup. The service provider verified our client’s concerns but was not able to find any relevant recalls or technical service bulletins (TSBs). Technicians decided to remove the instrument panel and install noise-cancelling felt. To address the wobbling issue, the dealer replaced the steering dampener.

Prior to this visit, our client noticed a water leak on the floorboard of the driver’s side. This caused water damage to the floor area and a mildew smell. On this final repair visit the technician replaced the vehicle’s carpet. At this point, however, our client was tired of constantly taking the pickup in for repairs. They did not want to wait and see if the creaking sound would return, and finally, sought the assistance of a lemon law attorney. The Lemon Law Experts proved to be extremely effective, securing an impressive settlement for the client. If you are in a similar situation, the Lemon Law Experts may be able to help you as well- don’t hesitate to contact us today!