This client began noticing lemon issues in their new 2017 Ford Focus just six months after purchasing the car. On his first repair visit, he told technicians that the car’s horn was not working properly. A few months later, he began noticing serious engine and transmission issues in the Ford Focus. Our client noted that he was having trouble changing gears; the vehicle’s transmission overheating indicator light also illuminated, and the engine was shaking. The Ford dealership confirmed these issues and decided to replace several components in the vehicle.

Just four months after these repairs, our client was forced to take the Focus in for additional engine and transmission-related repairs. He told technicians that the vehicle trembles when he releases the gas pedal and that it lags when placed in reverse. The vehicle spent four days on this final repair visit as the dealership tried to figure out exactly what was wrong with the sedan. 

After multiple repairs, Ford was ultimately unable to fix the 2017 Ford Focus. Our client could not believe that he was experiencing so much trouble with the brand-new car. They decided to contact the Lemon Law Experts to see if they could file a case against the manufacturer.

After working with the Lemon Law Experts, this client received a lemon law buyback settlement from Ford in which the automaker agreed to repurchase their defective 2017 Ford Focus and cover all the costs they had incurred as a result of owning the lemon, including their legal fees. They were absolutely delighted to get rid of that lemon.

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