This legal dispute involving Ford Motor Company originated with our client’s purchase of a pre-owned 2019 Ford Mustang in August 2019. The first signs of trouble surfaced that same month when the client took the car to the dealership for a three-day repair visit. The client reported experiencing a harsh upshift during cold starts.

A service advisor representing the dealership conducted a comprehensive inspection and road test. This revealed a hard shift from Drive to Reverse and vice versa. The inspection led to the disassembly of the valve body, where sticky valves were discovered and subsequently replaced. The tire pressure was also adjusted, and a service-0968 was performed for the wiper blades.

On December 5, 2021, the client returned to the dealership with complaints about delayed engagement of the automatic transmission and fluid leakage from the vehicle. This visit lasted over 22 days.

A service advisor oversaw another multi-point inspection which revealed a burnt clutch and damaged pump and torque converter hub, leading to a transmission replacement. Other issues like an oil leak and tire pressure were also addressed during this extensive repair.

A third visit took place from July 10, 2022, to July 20, 2022, at another dealership. The client reported ongoing harsh shifting of the transmission, leading to an overhaul of the main control valve body and various components. Tire pressure and visual inspection were also part of this service.

The case culminated in a fourth repair visit between January and March 2023, during which the vehicle was out of service for over 30 days. Under California’s lemon law presumption, a car is usually considered a lemon if it spends at least 30 days in repairs.

Frustrated by the unresolved issues and unexpected braking incidents that nearly caused collisions, our client sought assistance from a legal firm specializing in Lemon Law.

The Lemon Law Experts secured an excellent lemon law result for the client. The manufacturer agreed to repurchase the defective Ford Mustang and reimburse our client for all monies spent on the vehicle less a usage fee. The client was ecstatic about the outcome, reinforcing our team’s reputation as a leading lemon law firm in the state.

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