The issues with this client’s Ford pickup truck began early at just about 14,000 miles. Several warning lights were constantly illuminated on the dashboard and the client stated problems with the steering and suspension when he drove the car on the freeway.

His major concern was the violent shaking of the steering wheel at freeway speeds. The car spent five days at the Ford dealership on its second visit.

Four months later, our client was on his third repair visit for the vehicle to report the violent shaking of once again. This time, service providers were able to verify this issue and kept the vehicle for three days.

Despite major repairs and the installation of replacement parts, the client’s vehicle could not be completely fixed. He was back at the shop just months later. In total, the 2019 Ford F-250 spent thirty days in the repair shop.

Sadly, our client is not the only Ford F-250 driver to experience transmission woes and violent shaking. Several owners of the heavy-duty pickup have reported shaking or the “Ford F-250 death wobble” when approaching freeway speeds.

The shaking often begins when the truck’s defective front axles hit anything on the road at normal highway speeds.

Drivers experiencing this problem are often in and out of the service repair. Our client was fed up with being one of many Ford customers who have had shaking issues with their cars. He decided to contact our team.

The client was extremely pleased with what the Lemon Law Experts were able to do for him. In an incredible settlement, Ford agreed to repurchase his 2019 Ford F-250 and cover our client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

Our client was happy to finally get rid of his Ford lemon and utilized his settlement results to put money towards a new, safer car that did not require constant trips to the repair shop. You may also be able to take that lemon out of your life. Contact the Lemon Law Experts.