Our team at the Lemon Law Experts secured this client an excellent outcome after she experienced multiple issues with her new 2017 Cadillac Escalade. Over the course of about three years, our client was in and out of the repair shop as a result of the extensive concerns she was dealing with in her vehicle.

Despite a series of several different repairs, our client kept noticing additional issues with the new Cadillac Escalade. Virtually every system in the vehicle had some sort of issue. She noticed difficulty in shifting gears, several different electrical problems, and that her vehicle’s key fob appeared to be defective.

On one final repair visit involving the Cadillac, the vehicle spent 24 calendar days in the repair shop. By then, our client had had enough. It looked like her new car was probably a lemon and she was likely going to need legal help. After an internet search, she found the Lemon Law Experts.

Through the diligent efforts of our experienced team, our client obtained a highly successful resolution in her lemon law case. General Motors agreed to repurchase the 2017 Cadillac Escalade and fully reimburse all related expenses, except for the mileage offset, also known as the usage fee for the time the consumer drove the vehicle trouble free.

Additionally, GM covered all the client’s legal fees and costs incurred due to the representation and reimbursed the consumer all incidental expense related to the lemon inclusive of the rental car expenses.

Our client made a wise choice in selecting the Lemon Law Experts, who were able to promptly and effectively resolve the issues with her unreliable Cadillac and secure a more reliable vehicle that she could feel comfortable in.

We understand that dealing with a lemon car can be overwhelming, and therefore, we offer a complimentary case evaluation to help you understand your options if you live in California and suspect that your car is a lemon. If you have any questions about your situation, let us know. You can contact us at 877-885-5366 or by completing an online case evaluation form on our website today.