This 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 owner embarked on a challenging journey when issues first surfaced in February 2018. After she noticed a check engine light, stalling and other issues, our client decided to take the vehicle in for repairs. A two-day repair initiated by a local Chevrolet dealership uncovered error codes indicating misfires and a cold start misfire.

The service team replaced all injectors on the affected bank, with special attention to a particularly problematic one. Additional components were addressed, and the vehicle was restored to its designed operation at no cost to the customer.

Several months later, in November 2018, the customer returned with a new set of concerns, including a clinking sound from the engine, rough engine performance, and a front driver’s seat that wouldn’t slide.

The service team recommended a 4-wheel alignment, a comprehensive multi-inspection, and a tire pressure check to address these issues. They also proposed a fuel injection service and an oil change, which the customer declined. The seat track issue was attributed to debris and a faulty ball bearing, necessitating replacement.

Tired of investing excessive time and money in constant repairs, our client opted to explore possible legal solutions. That’s when our client discovered the expertise of the Lemon Law Experts. She was incredibly happy to have the Lemon Law Experts represent her in her claim against FCA.

The outcome was remarkable – FCA agreed to repurchase the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and reimburse all monies associated with the lemon, including legal expenses, with a deduction for a usage fee.

Consumers who purchase lemons and other defective products are entitled to compensation under both state and federal laws. If you live in California and suspect that you may own a lemon, our team can evaluate your eligibility for compensation at no charge or obligation.

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