These clients purchased a 2009 Cadillac Escalade. The vehicle had electrical issues associated with the Navigation System, and climate control system. Additionally, there were engine issues, where the vehicle would stall out at a stop sign or stop light. When these clients contacted us they were not sure if they wanted to take any action as they simply wanted to get out of the vehicle. The lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts explained how easy the process was, and even assured the clients if they found someone to buy their vehicle they could sell it. The aggressive lemon law attorneys’ at Consumer Law Experts were able to obtain a cash settlement for this Lemon in less than three weeks, in addition to getting GM to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs. These lemon law clients were able to sell their Cadillac Escalade and thanks to the lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts recover the diminution in value associated with this SUV.