More than 6 years after purchasing her 2004 GMC Yukon SUV our client contacted us.  Her Yukon was having trouble with the instrument cluster as it was popping up error messages and not showing a correct reading on the fuel level.  This cluster problem has been an issue General Motors has dealt with for some time, and it was the subject of a recall.   After multiple cluster replacements our client had lost faith in her vehicle and its reliability.  Given the length of time our client had owned the car and when the problems first presented, a repurchase was not an option.  After some hard-nosed negotiations with GM, we were able to get a cash settlement from General Motors.  GM offered a cash settlement and reimbursed our client approximately 25% of the vehicle’s original purchase price, in addition to covering all our attorneys’ fees and costs.

Remember, just because your car, truck or van is out of warranty that does not mean you CANNOT bring a lemon law claim.