This consumer contacted the lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts after purchasing a 2010 GMC Terrain.  This SUV was having engine and electrical problems, and the client felt as if her car was always at the dealership for repairs for the same problem.  Like many of Consumer Law Experts’s clients, this client also tried to resolve the problem on her own.  She stated “I tried to work with the company on my own for about a year, and no luck, the company just ignored me.  I contacted Consumer Law Experts and they had an offer letter within a month and the case settled in under 2 months.”

Consumer Law Experts has attorneys who focus solely on lemon law, and therefore understand the intricacies of this area of law.  It is for this reason the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts can obtain results that a consumer often times will not be able to get on their own.

After some negotiations, Consumer Law Experts obtained a full repurchase of this lemon from General Motors.  The manufacturer reimbursed the client for all monies paid, including down payment, monthly payment, interest paid, and current registration, along with paying all her attorneys’ fees.  As this lemon law client stated, the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts had her an offer in 1 month and her out of this lemon within 2 months.