At only 10,000 miles, our client already began noticing issues with his brand new 2019 GMC Sierra. It became difficult to downshift after driving with higher gears for an extended period, so he decided to take the vehicle in for repairs. The service provider made all the necessary adjustments and sent our client home after just one day.

Unfortunately, our client ended up at the dealership one month later for additional repairs. He had noticed warning lights and shaking in his pickup since the previous visit. The rearview camera also began to malfunction. This time, the dealership reprogrammed several systems of the car and sent the vehicle back again after one day of repairs.

Just two days later, our client took the vehicle in for repairs for a third time. Lane departure, lane assist, and the distance meter were not working. This time the GMC Sierra spent 8 days out of service. After extensive repairs, our client thought this would be his last time visiting the dealership for repairs. Unfortunately, he found himself there once again, less than a month later for the same ongoing issues with the rearview camera display and shaking in the vehicle.

Shaking can be a symptom of a malfunctioning transmission system. Defective transmissions are not uncommon in GM models. Earlier this year in January 2022, a class-action lawsuit was filed against GM, accusing the auto manufacturer of knowingly selling Cadillac, Chevrolet, and GMC vehicles with defective transmission systems. Our client’s vehicle, the 2019 GMC Sierra, is among the long list of affected vehicles. Despite issuing over 60 updates and technical service bulletins regarding their 8-speed transmission, GM has yet to issue any type of recall.

Luckily, our client did not wait on the manufacturer for solutions. He called the Lemon Law Experts and received outstanding results in his claim. GM agreed to repurchase the 2019 GMC pickup and cover all incidental and consequential costs associated with the lemon, including our client’s attorney fees. He was thrilled with the outcome. You too can achieve excellent results with us by your side. If you are experiencing issues with your newly purchased or leased vehicle, let us know today.