There were multiple engine and electrical system issues in this client’s 2017 Chevrolet Suburban. After just 7,000 miles of owning the vehicle, the check engine light came on. 

Our client took the vehicle in for repair after it refused to start. The vehicle was out of service for 8 days on this first visit. 

About one month later, our client returned to the dealer for a new concern. Now the 2017 Suburban would turn on but would not accelerate- its rear camera was also inoperable. The vehicle spent four days at the shop for these repairs.

Our client thought all the issues in his car were fixed but unfortunately, three months later he found himself at the dealership again- the check engine light warning had returned. Various components of the fuel system were replaced or repaired. This time, the vehicle spent four days out of service. 

By then, the client had had enough. He had never dealt with this many problems in a single vehicle and he wanted different options as GM failed to permanently fix the 2017 Suburban. The client decided to research lemon law information and found the Lemon Law Experts. Suspecting that his Chevrolet vehicle was a lemon, he got in touch with our team. 

The client was happy he chose the Lemon Law Experts to represent him in his case against General Motors. Our lemon law attorneys were able to secure a lemon buyback agreement with the manufacturer. 

GM agreed to repurchase the defective 2017 Chevrolet Suburban and reimburse our client for all incidental and consequential damages our client accrued due to the GM lemon. The client was relieved of the problematic vehicle and was free to purchase a new car that he could feel confident driving in. 

Engine problems like the ones our client experienced can be particularly dangerous. If you have experienced similar concerns in your vehicle, you should contact us as soon as possible. To see what your options under state and federal lemon laws could be, call us for a no-obligation assessment of your case today.