Our client was excited about her 2016 Chevrolet Camaro when she first drove it home. Unfortunately, that excitement quickly settled down as she found herself in and out of her local Chevrolet dealership to repair it. The client’s car’s audio system failed to connect to her phone, its dashboard was covered with illuminated warning signs, and the vehicle’s fans would stay blasting air on high even when the car was turned off.

Unfortunately, her Chevrolet Camaro is not the only vehicle of its model, make, and year to experience these problems. Multiple consumers have complained about both electrical and transmission issues in their 2016 Camaro vehicles. Several drivers have brought their own vehicles in for numerous repairs due to issues like those our client endured. These recurring problems rendered her car unreliable and unsafe to drive.

The client’s Camaro spent a total of two months in the repair shop due to electrical and transmission concerns. She could hardly use the vehicle. To make matters worse, after several repair attempts, GM told her that there was nothing our client could do to fix the Camaro.

She immediately felt lost and failed by the manufacturer. The client did her own research and decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts. From there, she was able to immediately contact one of our attorneys who determined that she had a viable lemon law claim.

She was happy to have reached out to us because our team secured her excellent results. GM agreed to repurchase her vehicle in a lemon law buyback, which covered her down payment, monthly payments, registration, taxes, and any fees she incurred while repairing the Camaro, as well as the payment of her attorneys fees and costs.

Overall, the client received a settlement far larger than she initially thought she would receive. And she is not alone. Many of our clients find themselves pleasantly surprised by the outcomes of their cases. If you also want to see great results for your own lemon claim, the greatest thing you can do next is talk to the Lemon Law Experts today.