Happy with his brand-new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado, our client would have never guessed that just months after owning the vehicle, he would be taking it into the repair shop for serious transmission concerns.

One day while driving on the freeway, our client heard a loud noise right under his seat after braking lightly. He also noticed that intermittingly, it became difficult to switch gears. He promptly took the Silverado in for repairs.

Throughout the next few months, our client continued to experience transmission-related issues in his vehicle. On one of our client’s final visits to the repair shop, the vehicle spent 16 days out of service.

In total, the 2018 Silverado spent nearly a month in the repair shop. Unfortunately, he is not the only GM driver who has dealt with extensive issues involving the transmission system in their vehicle.

We have written previously about the “Chevy Shake” which describes the violent shaking and shuddering that thousands of GM customers have experienced in their vehicles. If you google “Chevy Shake,” you will find millions of results.

Transmission symptoms have regularly appeared in GM vehicles with less than 1,000 miles on the odometer. Despite how widespread this problem is, GM has no fix. Luckily, our client decided to take action instead of waiting for the manufacturer to make things right.

Our client contacted the Lemon Law Experts who quickly determined that he could qualify for a refund, replacement vehicle, or cash compensation for his GM lemon. His team of attorneys fought aggressively against the auto manufacturer to get the recovery their client deserved.

Our client received a lemon law buyback that covered his remaining loan balance, car payments, and other costs. GM also agreed to repurchase the 2018 Silverado. He was thrilled with the results. No matter the auto manufacturer, there are no limits as to where the Lemon Law Experts will go to defend their clients and secure them excellent results.