With high hopes for their 2021 Cadillac Escalade ESV, our client’s journey quickly devolved into a series of recurring mechanical nightmares.

Beginning in December 2022, our client’s vehicle experienced a variety of issues, including malfunctioning daytime running lights, third-row seatbelt buckle retention issues, and an alarming incident in which the vehicle unexpectedly shifted to neutral on the freeway, rendering it inoperable.

A thorough inspection revealed a seized engine, which had to be replaced, along with several other components, due to overheating-related damage. Despite these extensive repairs, subsequent visits in January, March, April, and May 2023 revealed ongoing issues, such as faulty windshield wipers, navigation system malfunctions, recurring low engine oil alerts, and suspension and cruise control issues.

Each repair attempt aimed to address the identified issues, such as replacing the engine, battery, and other faulty components, as well as performing routine maintenance tasks such as replacing brake pads and adjusting tire pressure. Despite these efforts, the Cadillac Escalade ESV continued to exhibit a slew of problems, prompting our client to pursue legal action.

Frustrated by the never-ending stream of issues plaguing their supposedly new vehicle, our client sought legal counsel to determine their options.

This protracted ordeal highlights the difficulties that consumers face when dealing with persistent vehicle defects, even after multiple repair attempts. After exhausting all options with the dealership, our client contacted Lemon Law Experts, who successfully negotiated a repurchase of the subject vehicle with Cadillac.

This repurchase ensured that the manufacturer would reimburse this client for all monies spent on the lemon vehicle, minus an offset for when the vehicle was trouble-free and also paid the consumer’s legal fees and costs.

The Lemon Law Experts are recognized for their expertise in California’s consumer protection and lemon law- with our team consistently obtaining large settlements in lemon law cases throughout the state. This recent success story demonstrates our unwavering commitment to achieving positive results for our clients.

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