Lemon Law Attorneys Obtain a Full Repurchase on Used 2009 Cadillac CTS Lemon with

This Los Angeles lemon law client purchased a used 2009 Cadillac CTS with approximately 10,000 miles on it.  Within the first year of purchasing this Cadillac STS lemon this vehicle went in for repairs on nine different occasions for various issues.  The issues with this Cadillac lemon ranged from noise issues to electrical issues.   This lemon law client contacted a different lemon law firm, where he was not happy with the service received, as they would not allow him to speak with a lemon law attorney.

It should be noted that when hiring a lemon law firm, consumers should demand to speak with an actual lemon law lawyer and not a paralegal, if the firm you are interviewing with will not let you speak to a lemon law attorney, then this is not the lemon law firm for you.  Based on this issue, this lemon law client found the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts.   This lemon law client spoke and met with a lemon law lawyer the same day.  The California lemon law experts explained to this client that the issues with his 2009 Cadillac lemon on their own do not generally rise to the level of a lemon, however, given the number and nature of these repairs, there has been a substantial impairment to the safety, use and value of this vehicle.  Within two weeks, the lemon law attorneys obtained a full repurchase from GM for this Cadillac lemon.   Needless to say, this lemon law client was thrilled.  When asked about his experience with California’s premier lemon law firm, here is what this lemon law client had to say:

“After trying to interview a lemon law attorney in Glendale Ca, who would not see me personally and had an intake person interview me, I found Attorney Jessica Anvar. What a huge difference. I set up an appointment with Alberto the office manager, and was seen promptly by Ms. Anvar personally. She was attentive and professional. I retained her firm and from the beginning it was as smooth as could be. I had attempted several time with my manufacture to have my vehicle bought back to no avail. Within just a few weeks my case was being settled, and the final outcome was a full buyback and refund to me. The firm’s service and professionalism was absolutely incredible.”

This satisfied lemon law client can now be seen driving the streets of Los Angeles in his brand new trouble free car, and this is thanks to the lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts.