This lemon law client purchased a 2010 Harley Davidson Tri-Glide Trike which began to demonstrate electrical and engine problems about 1 year after purchase. This is a newer Harley Davidson model and this client was frustrated at the problems and amount of time this bike needed to spend in the shop. When it comes to motorcycles and the lemon law there are nuances in the lemon law that only an experienced lemon law attorney will know how to handle. Based on the problems with the vehicle, it was determined the best solution for this Harley Davidson lemon law client would be a cash settlement and the installation of a brand new factory engine with a full warranty. After some hard fought negotiations, the lemon law attorneys obtained just that: a brand new Harley Davidson engine with brand new manufacturer’s warranty, plus a cash settlement of more than 6 months payments, in addition to the payments of this lemon law client’s attorneys’ fees and costs.