At nearly 5,000 miles, our client noticed a steering malfunction error message in their 2019 Audi A4’s instrument panel. He decided to take the vehicle in for repairs. No system errors were discovered by the technician, so no repairs were completed on the vehicle. During a road test, the technician said that the car was operating normally.

One month later, our client was back at the repair shop for the same issue. Along with the steering malfunction message, new warning messages had appeared in the vehicle for light, cruise, and stabilization errors. The technician performed a 50-mile test drive of the car but was unable to find any warning lights, noting that the car appeared to work as designed. Our client’s vehicle was sent home, unrepaired, once again.

Unfortunately, around a month after the repair visit, the warning lights reappeared, and our client was forced to bring the Audi A4 in for repairs yet again. On this visit, the dealer was able to verify our clients’ concern, as they found multiple error messages from the steering wheel control module. The technician replaced several wires in the module and test drove the car. The light did not return after 96 miles.

About two weeks later, the steering malfunction warning returned, and our client had to take the car in for a fourth time. Volkswagen was unable to fix the warning light problem on the Audi A4 despite numerous complaints and an attempted repair. Our client wanted to see if something else could be done, so he decided to research information online and found the Lemon Law Experts. Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts, the client was able to escape their defective Audi and upgrade to a new, safer vehicle.