At only 16,000 miles, our client took notice of strange symptoms with their brand new 2020 GMC Sierra. They notified the GM authorized service department that the radio was working sporadically and that one of the power outlets was not functioning properly.

For three days straight the vehicle was kept in the service department for repairs, which also included a battery replacement, after our client informed that the vehicle would not start. The service provider advised that the issues were brought on by a low electromotive force that should have been resolved following these repairs.

Unfortunately, our client had to return to the dealership 2 days later for repairs, as electrical issues continued. Sadly, the check engine light turned on and the radio was malfunctioning once again. Because the engine light vanished from the dashboard prior to the repair appointment and following various inspections, the vehicle’s electrical system seemed to be operating as normal.

After an alarming experience involving the Sierra, our client went back to GMC for repairs. Aside from the ongoing issues with the radio and other electrical problems our client detected a problem with the vehicle’s braking system. During electrical malfunction, our client noticed the brakes were not secure, and the vehicle became difficult to slow down or bring to a stop.

The repair shop replaced the Sierra’s battery among other repairs after discovering several error codes in the vehicle. Due to all the repairs, the 2020 GMC Sierra spent 11 days out of service.

This client contacted the  Lemon Law Experts who were able to get GM to unwind the deal and repurchase this lemon.  This client received his down payment, monthly payment (minus a usage fee), and the reimbursement of all incidental expenses related to the lemon truck.  GM also paid for this consumer’s attorneys’ fees and costs.

If you are experiencing issues with a vehicle that you suspect is a lemon, the Lemon Law Experts are here to help you. Our team has managed to help thousands of clients all around the state of California receive millions of dollars for their lemon vehicles.

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