Our client purchased their brand new 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport in June of that year. They were thrilled with their purchase until they discovered that the wheel lock was missing from the trunk. The servicing dealer confirmed the issue, and the client was left without a solution.

Just a few months later, they noticed a coolant leak under the car. They took the Range Rover Sport to a service center where it spent 18 days undergoing extensive repairs. The technicians found a leak coming from the electric thermostat which was then replaced. Despite these repairs, our client’s troubles were far from over.

In March of the following year, our client reported a clicking noise from the steering wheel. The vehicle spent 21 days out of service. The technicians found a loose connector behind the steering wheel which was then secured. Unfortunately, the same clicking noise began again in May, leading to another 3 days out of service.

By October, due to various other issues, the vehicle had spent a total of 79 days out of service. This left the owners with no choice but to explore their legal options.

The Lemon Law Experts obtained excellent results in this case after fighting vigorously against Jaguar-Land Rover North America, Inc (JLRNA). In exchange for the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport lemon, JLRNA consented to reimburse the client for all monies spent on the lemon vehicle including the down payment, monthly payments, minus a usage fee.

With our help, this client was able to submit a successful lemon law case against JLRNA and obtain rightful compensation. Like them, your case may also result in a positive outcome if you work with our team of Lemon Law Experts. If you believe you have a lemon vehicle, contact us today to determine if you are eligible for a refund under the lemon law.