Lemon Law Lawyers Force Jaguar Land Rover North America to Repurchase 2011 Range Rover Super Lemon with Major Engine Problems

This Los Angeles lemon law client purchased his 2011 Land Rover Range Rover Super about 18 months ago.  After minor electrical issues relating to the warning lights on this Range Rover Super, this lemon client began to experience major engine problems, where this Range Rover lemon SUV would not start.  Given the size of this vehicle, each time this problem occurred, this Ranger Rover lemon would need to be towed into a Range Rover dealership on a flatbed.  After this luxury lemon SUV had been taken in for repairs on three occasions, this lemon law client contacted California’s best lemon law lawyers, the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts.  After explaining the problems and frustrations with this luxury SUV, the California lemon law experts explained to this client that they believed the problems with this vehicle substantially impaired the safety, use and value of this vehicle, and made it a lemon pursuant to California lemon law.

The California lemon law attorneys initiated a lemon law claim against Jaguar Land Rover North America relating to this 2011 Range Rover Super Sport Lemon.  Within thirty days these California lemon law specialists obtained a full repurchase on this Range Rover lemon pursuant to California lemon law, namely the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act.  This repurchase included refunding this lemon law client’s down payment, monthly payments, registration, as well as the payoff of his loan, and the payment of his attorneys’ fees and costs.