This Lemon Law Experts client took his 2017 Dodge Durango in for a repair visit after he experienced shuddering, jerking while changing gears, and transmission fluid leaks. The dealer replaced the vehicle’s transmission case assembly.

Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the motor was leaking hydraulic fluid. Both motor mounts were also replaced and tested. The client pointed out that the check engine light was on, and the dealer discovered that this was the result of internal oil pump failure.

Just weeks later, our client was at the dealership once again for repairs. He told the service provider that the vehicle feels like it is drifting to the left or right while driving and that the vehicle is still shuttering when driving up a grade.

The Dodge Durango spent 15 days out of service on this visit. The client brought in the car several more times due to the check engine light turning on and off. On his final visit, the Durango stayed at the repair shop for 12 days where it had several engine components replaced.

At that point, this client was fed up. He was beginning to take the vehicle in for a repair visit every month for some engine or transmission related issue. Unfortunately, Dodge vehicles are known for defective transmission systems, they have been the subject of several recalls.

Symptoms of issues involving the transmission include check engine light on, transmission fluid leak, overheating, and contaminated transmission fluid. Luckily for our client, he did not wait for things to get worse. He shortly reached out to the Lemon Law Experts for help on what to do next.

The Lemon Law Experts fought aggressively against FCA and managed to secure stellar results for this client. Our team got him a lemon law buyback agreement in which FCA agreed to repurchase the defective 2017 Dodge Durango.

Our client was happy with the results. With the Dodge lemon off his hands, he felt free to choose a vehicle that he could feel safe and confident driving in.