This Lemon Law client purchased a brand new Chrysler 200.  She drove it for about three weeks and only 800 miles when she noticed that the car would fish tail when she drove over bumps and the transmission would jerk when slowing down to a stop and downshift hard and jerk when taking off from a stop.  Chrysler was able to diagnose the problem and repair the vehicle early on.  However soon thereafter, the problems started back up and again and this lemon law client ended up presenting her car for repair work to Chrysler for the same problems on at least five more occasions.  She felt very unsafe this car and did not want to drive it for the remainder of her three year lease.  As a result, she ended up calling the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, who within only approximately 60 days were able to get her a repurchase of this vehicle plus the payment of her attorneys fees and costs.