This client’s issues with his 2017 Jeep Cherokee began with just 765 miles on the odometer. He took his vehicle in for its first repair when a check engine warning light appeared on the dashboard.

About two months later, all warning indicators appeared onscreen and the 2017 Jeep completely lost power. This occurred at only around 2,000 miles. The dealer decided to replace the vehicle’s entire body control module.

The Jeep Cherokee is one of the brand’s most-recognizable models. It is a particularly popular vehicle among families and people who enjoy driving long distances. Unfortunately, the 2017 model year Cherokee is not necessarily safe or reliable despite its popularity. This model year has been plagued by a whole host of issues involving the transmission, powertrain, and electrical systems.

There are currently 4 active recalls that include the 2017 Jeep Cherokee, in addition to a large-scale investigation of the airbag system by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Several of these recalls outline rather serious concerns.

For instance, FCA recalled certain 2017 Jeep Cherokee models after reports that the cruise control could not be cancelled. Many drivers report this defect with less than 10,000 miles on the odometer, much like our client.

Our client had no idea what to do when his vehicle began breaking down at such low mileage. He knew he needed legal advice but was not too familiar with California lemon law. Luckily, he reached out to the Lemon Law Experts.

Our experienced team of attorneys determined that he had a claim that was worth pursuing and informed him at every step of the lemon law process. He was extremely happy that he made the decision to reach out to us.

The Lemon Law Experts were able to secure this client an outstanding lemon law buyback settlement. The manufacturer agreed to repurchase his 2017 Jeep Cherokee, reimburse his incidental damages and cover his attorney fees and costs.

He could not have been more thrilled with the results. Our client was able to get rid of his Jeep lemon and purchase a new, far more reliable vehicle that wouldn’t fail him at under 1,000 miles.