This client was excited to drive home in her brand-new 2020 GMC Yukon. Unfortunately, she started dealing with lemon issues in her new vehicle at less than 1,000 miles. The 2020 Yukon spent five days in the repair shop on our client’s first visit. She told the dealer the air conditioning was blowing hot air only. 

Following this visit, our client noticed several structural issues in the GMC Yukon. The third-row right seat would not go down. Our client also noticed discoloration in her vehicle that she wanted to fix. The Yukon spent 63 days at the dealership for these repairs. 

 Just two weeks later, she took the vehicle in to the repair shop once again. This time, she noticed that the front door had a large open gap at the top. On this final visit, the car spent 38 days out of service. 

Our client’s 2020 Yukon spent a total of 106 days stuck in repairs. Understandably, our client was fed up. 

The lemon law legal presumption assumes that a vehicle is a lemon if it is repaired multiple times due to manufacturing defects during the first 18 months or 18,000 miles following the purchase or lease of the vehicle. If the defect poses bodily harm or death, two repair visits are all that is necessary to be eligible. 

Our client’s 2020 Yukon spent nearly two months on a single repair visit. Because of this, she believed that she did in fact have a lemon and decided to reach out to the Lemon Law Experts for help on what to do next.

The Lemon Law Experts were able to help secure this client the compensation that she deserved for her 2020 GMC Yukon. Her team of lemon law attorneys got her a lemon law buyback agreement in which GM agreed to repurchase the defective vehicle and reimburse our client for all incidental and consequential damages associated with the lemon. 

Our client was happy that she could finally get rid of her lemon and replace it with a new vehicle without all the lemon issues she had to deal with. If you believe your vehicle may be a lemon, let us know.  Our team of attorneys can help you secure the recovery that you deserve… get started today.