In a recent legal case involving a 2020 Ford Escape, our client faced persistent issues with their relatively new vehicle, despite its low mileage. These problems encompassed various aspects, including mechanical, structural, and electrical malfunctions that persisted even after multiple visits to the dealership for repairs.

Our client reported a range of complications, including engine stalling on cold drives, jerking or hard shifts when changing gears, and peeling chrome finish on the driver’s side front master window switch. Repair visits extended for significant durations, with one lasting several days–causing our client incredible frustration and inconvenience.

Seeking a resolution to the persistent issues plaguing their new car, our client turned to the expertise of the Lemon Law Experts. With their support, we were able to achieve an outstanding outcome in this case against Ford Motor Company.

As part of the resolution, Ford agreed to repurchase the problematic vehicle, providing reimbursement for all monies spent on the vehicle including the down payment, monthly payments minus the usage fee. Ford also paid all of the consumer’s attorney fees and costs.

This successful outcome demonstrates the dedication and effectiveness of the Lemon Law Experts in promptly addressing our clients’ concerns in their case. They were happy that they went with our team of Experts in resolving their lemon law issues.

If you find yourself dealing with car troubles in California, the Lemon Law Experts are here to offer reliable and specialized assistance. With our team’s extensive knowledge, expertise, and proven track