This Solano County lemon law client purchased a new 2013 Chevrolet Cruze almost three years ago. By the time she contacted the Lemon Law Experts ofConsumer Law Experts her vehicle had almost 40,000 miles. But there is more to this story. The issues with this Chevy Cruze lemon started at approximately 17,000 miles, and were evidenced by the check engine light illuminating, vehicle losing power while driving, transmission shifting harshly, and on occasion the vehicle dying while driving. After dealing with this issue for almost 23,000 miles, this client was advised to contact a lemon law attorney.

When this Chevy lemon client contacted our consumer attorneys, she had not only lost faith in the safety and reliability of her Chevy Cruze, she did not think anything could be done because her vehicle was no longer within the 18,000 mile point. The Lemon Law Experts addressed this issue, and explained to her that she not only had a valid lemon law claim, but had a strong claim, which would require General Motors to repurchase her Chevy lemon. The process turned out just like explained, and General Motors agreed to repurchase this client’s vehicle. General Motors took back this lemon, paid off the balance of the loan on the vehicle, reimbursed her for her down payment and monthly payments, and paid all her attorneys’ fees.

This client’s story teaches an important lesson. The lemon law presumption is nothing more than that. It is not a bright line test of when a consumer can bring a lemon law claim. The lemon laws apply to both new cars and used cars, leased or purchased. So long as there has been a repair while under warranty there could be a potential lemon claim, whether that repair took place at mile 1, mile 17,999 or mile 30,000. In order to determine if you have a valid claim, it is best to contact an attorney who specialized in lemon law and understands your consumer rights. Thanks to the consumer attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, this lemon law client is now safely driving her family around Oakley, California in a safe and reliable vehicle.