General Motors Agrees to Repurchase a Lemon GMC Acadia in Northern California 

This Northern California lemon law client decided to contact the California lemon law lawyers at Lemon Law Experts after experiencing repeated problems with the engine and electrical systems of his car.  He bought a 2010 GMC Acadia new in June 2010.  Shortly after he purchased this lemon GM, the check engine light kept turning on and his engine would take 4-5 tries before cranking.  He took his lemon car into a GM service department on 4 separate occasions for these issues.  After the fourth repair attempt, this lemon law client lost reliance in his vehicle and called the lemon law lawyers at My Lemon Law Center.  Six short weeks later, this happy lemon GM client received a check for almost all of his money back, including his monthly payments, down payment, unused portion of his registration, taxes and his attorneys fees and costs.  This GM lemon law client was extremely pleased with the outcome of his case and was so thankful for the lemon law attorneys at Lemon Law Experts.