Lexus Agrees to Buyback 4-Year Old Lemon Lexus IS 250

This Los Angeles lemon law client bought a new Lexus IS 250 back in 2007.  He drove this lemon Lexus for about 5,000 miles before he started to realize that something was not right.  At first he noticed a clunk type noise that came from the steering wheel while the car would go over bumps.  He reported this problems to his local Lexus dealership that was unable to verify any of his concerns.  He drove the car for about another 3,000 miles when he noticed that the engine idle would drop while he came to a stop.  Again, he took his car in for repair work to Lexus and again they were unable to verify or duplicate any of his concerns.  He drove his car for another 20,000 miles at which time his car felt like it was going to turn off when he would come to a stop.   Again, he presented his lemon car to Lexus for additional repair work and again Lexus was unable to duplicate his concerns.  At this time, this lemon client called the lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts who were able to obtain get this client a repurchase of his vehicle plus the payment of his attorneys fees and costs.  This Lexus lemon law client drove this vehicle for almost 4 years when he got a repurchase, which consisted of the return of all his monthly payments (minus a small usage fee), his down payment, unused portion of his registration, taxes, incidentals (including his rental car expenses), the lien paid off on his car and the payment of his attorneys fees and costs.  This lemon law client was ecstatic to get himself out of this lemon Lexus and into a new car that he felt safe driving.