This brand-new Tesla Model 3 began having extensive electrical issues within months of purchase. Our client first noticed problems with the car’s air conditioning. The climate control would produce warm air despite having a set temperature of 60 degrees. He noticed several structural problems as well including a ripple in the paint, poor window sealing, and a rattly right front seat. The Tesla also appeared to have steering issues. Our client noticed that while making left turns, they would hear a clicking sound from the steering area of the car. The vehicle spent 19 days at the dealership for repairs.

Our client returned to the dealer just three days later. This time, they were having issues with the vehicle’s touchscreen. The screen was working intermittently, with the reverse camera failing to display. They noticed multicolored vertical bars across the screen when turning on the car. This time, the Model 3 spent 13 days out of service. Our client returned to the dealer two more times following this visit for the same electrical issues. It was starting to look like our client’s Tesla was a lemon. They decided to reach out to The Lemon Law Experts.

They were glad to have sought out our team, as the results of their case were outstanding. Tesla Motors agreed to repurchase the defective 2018 Model 3 and reimburse our client for owning this lemon. Our client was extremely relieved to get rid of their lemon, as the electrical issues were becoming far too frequent and gradually, the car became less safe to drive.

If you are experiencing similar troubles with your Tesla or other vehicle, you should contact us as soon as possible. You may qualify for a refund or cash compensation. Whether you are prepared to file a lemon law claim, unsure of your eligibility, or somewhere in between, the Lemon Law Experts are more than happy to help you. We can review the details of your situation at no cost or obligation to you to see if you are eligible. Call us or fill out an online case evaluation form today.