This client’s experience with their brand-new 2023 Hyundai Tucson quickly devolved into a frustrating cycle of mechanical issues, necessitating multiple repair visits. Beginning in March 2023, our client experienced various issues at Hyundai of El Cajon, including body damage, windshield wiper replacements, and tire problems affecting all four tires.

Despite initial attention, these concerns persisted, prompting a return visit in June 2023 with similar issues. During this visit, diagnostic checks revealed ongoing body damage, windshield wiper and tire replacements, and a check engine light diagnosis.

The most concerning visit occurred from June to July 2023, lasting 24 days, during which our client reported a recurring check engine light and powertrain issues. Diagnostic investigations revealed cylinder misfires caused by leaking fuel injectors, necessitating replacements per TSB 23-FL-002H-1.

Despite extensive repairs, the problems resurfaced in October 2023, when our client reported similar check engine light issues and suspected misfires.

Each repair visit aimed to address the reported issues, with a primary focus on diagnosing the check engine light and resolving any associated misfires. Repairs included replacing faulty components like fuel injectors and spark plugs, as well as conducting extensive diagnostic tests to ensure the vehicle’s functionality. Despite these efforts, recurring concerns remained, prompting our client to seek additional assistance.

The Lemon Law Experts represented their interests in court against Hyundai North America, which offered our client a refund for the problematic vehicle after recognizing the persistent issues they had. This resolution relieved our client of their ongoing mechanical issues and allowed them to upgrade to a more reliable vehicle.

Throughout the process, the Lemon Law Experts provided this client with invaluable assistance, ensuring that their consumer rights were protected and that they received fair compensation for their Hyundai lemon.

If you are experiencing similar issues with your vehicle in California, do not hesitate to contact the Lemon Law Experts for expert advice and assistance in resolving your lemon law dispute.