In the case against Nissan North America, our client purchased a 2018 Nissan Rogue from Bakersfield Nissan on October 15, 2018. Despite being a new vehicle, the Rogue developed several persistent issues that required multiple visits to a Nissan dealership for warranty repairs.

Serious problems arose shortly after our client drove the Nissan home, with electrical issues and warning lights flashing on the cluster.

Despite extensive diagnostics and repairs carried out over a 49-day period from November 20, 2018, to January 7, 2019, including module checks, ground inspections, and part replacements, vehicle problems persisted.

Subsequent repair visits on November 10, 2020, September 13, 2021, January 27, 2023, August 11, 2023, and October 9-10, 2023, addressed a wide range of issues, including radio reboots, seat adjustments, key fob recognition, trim falling off, window markings, mirror alarms, and battery failure.

Each visit included a thorough multipoint inspection, software checks, component replacements, and adjustments to address any reported issues. Despite the servicing dealer’s best efforts to resolve the issues, the vehicle continued to have problems, indicating underlying persistent defects.

The plaintiff’s significant inconvenience and frustration as a result of the vehicle’s unreliability are highlighted by multiple repair attempts over a period of several years. It was obvious that she had a case against the vehicle manufacturer.

The Lemon Law Experts fought tirelessly for our clients’ rights and interests, acting swiftly on their behalf. In this case, our team performed admirably, obtaining the repurchase of the problematic Nissan Rogue as well as complete reimbursement for all lemon-related expenses. This included not only the vehicle’s purchase price, but also legal fees and other expenses, ensuring that our clients were fully compensated.

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