These clients faced a series of repair visits involving their 2019 Dodge Journey, each targeting distinct challenges. They first noticed vehicle problems at around 10,000 miles when a concerning pop noise led to the malfunctioning of the driver seat belt retractor.

During the initial visit, technicians swiftly addressed this issue, identifying an active DTC B007E13 code and replacing the faulty retractor.

Concurrently, routine maintenance tasks, including an oil and filter change, fluid top-off, and tire pressure adjustment, were performed to maintain overall vehicle health.

Repairs on the vehicle continued however, as our clients noticed additional problems. At 20,358 miles, they suspected battery drain problem following multiple battery replacements.

Additionally, the driver seat belt exhibited further malfunctions, leading to an order for a power seat switch. The troubles persisted into the following year, with the vehicle experiencing repeated jump-starting issues at 28,176 miles.

A vehicle diagnosis revealed an aftermarket battery as the culprit, necessitating replacement. Concurrently, the malfunctioning driver side power seat switch was also addressed by the service provider during the same visit.

During the final repair visit, occurring at 46,067 miles, the vehicle spent an extended 32 days at the dealership, undergoing a series of repairs ranging from difficulty starting the vehicle to radio and AC control malfunctions.

A failing battery was replaced, and a short in the USB wiring causing intermittent issues was diagnosed and repaired.

The prolonged duration of the vehicle’s stay in the dealership, particularly the 32-day period, holds significant weight under California’s Lemon Law. This law provides recourse for consumers whose vehicles spend an excessive amount of time undergoing repairs.

If a vehicle is out of service for more than 30 days due to warranty repairs, it may be considered a lemon under California law, potentially entitling the owner to a refund or replacement vehicle.

Faced with numerous unsuccessful attempts to rectify these problems through warranty repair work, our clients reached a breaking point and sought assistance from the Lemon Law Experts.

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