Our client contacted us about 2 months after purchasing this used 2002 Dodge Dakota truck from a local used car dealership in Orange County.  At the time of purchase, our client was informed that the vehicle was in excellent condition.  This dealership failed to disclose the fact that the vehicle had been used before as a commercial vehicle.   This truck was purchased “As is” meaning without any warranty.   Shortly after the time of purchase the vehicle began to leak oil, shake when accelerating, and use excessive amounts of gas.

Our client contacted us after the dealership refused to make any repairs to the vehicle as there was no warranty.  Our client was frustrated and did not feel safe driving her daughter in this truck.  After running a CarFax report, the consumer fraud and lemon law specialists discovered that the prior owner of this Dodge Truck had used the vehicle as a commercial truck.  This fact was not disclosed to our client.  Failure to disclose that a vehicle has been in an accident, or used as a rental car or commercial vehicle constitutes a material misrepresentation which violates the California Legal Remedies Act (CLRA).   We informed our client she was a victim of consumer fraud, and assured her we could help.

Within 30 days, through the use of the CLRA the consumer fraud and lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts, were able to unwind this deal and force this local Orange County dealership to take back this truck, reimburse our client for all monies paid, and pay all our attorneys’ fees and costs.