Maserati, the Italian super luxury auto manufacturer announced the recall of over 800 2009 Maserati Quattroportes and 2009 Maserati Gran Turismos. This recall is due to a the rear suspension left-side and right-side wheel alignment toe-in-tie rods may fail due to incorrect machining. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) if there is a failure of these rods it could cause an accident. These tie rods are more prone to failure while driving on rough roads. To date Maserati has not reported any accidents due to this issue.

Maserati will commence this recall in September 2011. If you are the owner of either a 2009 Quattroporte or 2009 Gran Turismo, take your vehicle into your local Maserati dealership immediately to have them address this issue.

If you have experienced multiple problems with your Maserati Quattroporte or Maserati Turismo relating to the suspension or tie rods, and have taken your vehicle in for multiple repairs, it is possible you may have a lemon law claim and that you may have a Maserati Quattroporte Lemon or Maserati Gran Turismo lemon.

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