This client bought a Certified Pre-Owned 2005 Mercedes Benz C230 in 2009 with approximately 55,000 miles on the vehicle. In early 2011 this vehicle, now with 88,000 miles started to have major electrical issues which put this vehicle out of service for an excessive number of days. This client was not sure if he was entitled to any relief as he had bought a used car with a lot of miles already on it. The lemon law lawyers explained he was entitled to relief under the law. While Mercedes Benz at first denied the demand for a repurchase, the aggressive lemon attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, would not take this answer. This is where Consumer Law Experts’s lemon law knowledge and expertise came into play. The lemon law lawyers outlined the relevant case law, in addition to the merits of this case. Mercedes Benz had no option but to repurchase this lemon. This client received all his monies back, including down payment, monthly payments, and his current registration, in addition to getting Mercedes Benz to pay his attorneys’ fees and