Lemon Mini

This California lemon law client purchased his 2009 Mini Cooper S lemon almost three years ago.

For the first two plus years this Mini Cooper was like any other Mini Cooper on the road.  However, in October 2011, this vehicle began to experience engine issues, namely, the check engine light illuminated and the vehicle had a loss in power.  Given the size of a Mini Cooper, the fact that it is having while driving, it clearly poses a substantial impairment to the safety of this vehicle. When this Mini Cooper S lemon law client first contacted the lemon law attorneys at Consumer Law Experts, his Cooper lemon was in the shop for repairs for the third time.  This lemon law client was thinking about waiting to see if the local Mini dealership would be able to repair the problems.  The lemon law specialists at Consumer Law Experts, explained that often times the reason the vehicle has been in for multiple repairs is that the manufacturer simply cannot repair the vehicle, which is what makes it a lemon.  Instead of waiting to get the vehicle back from the Mini dealership, this California lemon law client allowed the lemon law lawyers at Consumer Law Experts to begin his claim.  The California lemon law experts put together a demand packet and got it out to MINI USA while the vehicle was still being repaired.  This lemon law client then received a call telling him that his Mini Cooper S had been repaired.  Two days later, as the lemon law experts at Consumer Law Experts predicted, this 2009 Mini Cooper S lemon once again had the same problems, namely the check engine light illuminating and the vehicle having a loss in power.  The vehicle was taken back to the local Mini dealership.  While this Mini Cooper was still in the shop, the California lemon law attorneys finalized the repurchase with MINI USA.  The lemon law attorneys were able to obtain the refund of all this lemon law client’s monies, including the reimbursement of his down payment, monthly payments, current registration, as well as the payment of all his attorneys’ fees and costs.

The lesson that consumers need to learn from this lemon law client is that if you have given the manufacturer multiple opportunities to repair a problem with your vehicle, but these repairs do not fix the problem or issue, do not hesitate in contacting a lemon law attorney.  Your lemon law claim can begin and even conclude while the manufacturer is still attempting to fix your vehicle.  Additionally, remember that filing a lemon law claim does not have any effect on your vehicle warranty.  So do not delay in contacting a lemon law attorney for your vehicle.