Our clients in this case encountered a slew of troubling issues with their new 2022 Ford F-250. Initially, the owners sought assistance for loose and unpredictable steering, leading to a diagnosis that warranted the replacement of the Pittman arm assembly and drag link. While these components were successfully replaced, the persistence of steering issues remained.

Less than a month after the first repair visit- steering issues resurfaced, leading once again to an examination of the Pittman arm assembly and related components. The process involved meticulous steps, including cleaning and retorquing the Pittman arm nut, along with extensive road tests and inspections. Despite these efforts, our clients continued to experience steering issues.

The most prolonged and intricate repair took over 3 weeks. During this time, the owners expressed concerns about loose and unpredictable steering at highway speeds, accompanied by warning lights. This complex issue prompted a thorough inspection and diagnosis, ultimately revealing the need to replace the track bar bracket, associated hardware, pitman arm, and related components.

The track bar bracket’s continued movement, even after previous torque procedures, necessitated the installation of an adjustable track bar and the replacement of various parts. After a long series of extensive repairs for the same issue, our clients decided to look for legal assistance and found the Lemon Law Experts.

Our team obtained a successful resolution with Ford Motor Company. The manufacturer agreed to buy back the defective Ford F-250.  This client received full reimbursement for all monies spent on the truck and the payment of their attorneys fees and costs. This consumer’s lemon experience received much-needed closure with this result.

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