This client’s first visit to the repair shop for their new 2022 Nissan Titan took place in September 2022, for a one-day repair. She reported high RPM during startup and acceleration to the service team. After verification, no issues were found, and the service continued without any charge.

About two weeks later, another one-day visit took place. This time, our client requested a recall service and reported fluctuating RPMs and hesitation during acceleration. A multi-point inspection, tire pressure check, and recall service were performed on the vehicle but the service advisor was unable to find any issues with the vehicle

A subsequent repair visit in May 2023 involved the replacement of engine oil and filter, tire pressure check, and software reprogramming. This day-long visit aimed to address RPM fluctuation and acceleration hesitation. The tire pressure was set to 35 psi, and the vehicle seemed to operate as intended.

Just about one month later, however, an extremely extensive repair visit occurred from June 28, 2023, to July 28, 2023, spanning 31 days. The customer reported a check engine light and high RPMs during shifting. The documented details reveal a complex issue involving fault codes P28EE and U1000.

The transmission was initially slated for replacement, but subsequent complications arose with the valve body, leading to further issues where the vehicle failed to move. This intricate scenario prompted several interventions and component replacements.

Our client found herself at the dealership for more repairs in August 2023. She expressed concerns about the vehicle lacking power and not shifting, despite no check engine light. The inspection revealed no codes, but excessive noise during acceleration was attributed to a malfunctioning electrical fan clutch coupling.

Replacing the coupling appeared to resolve the issues, however, our client felt that the manufacturer had not adequately compensated her for all the resources she put into repairing the new vehicle. Luckily, she reached out to our team at the Lemon Law Experts.

The Lemon Law Experts achieved remarkable outcomes for this client in her legal dispute with Nissan North America. The manufacturer agreed to repurchase the 2022 Nissan Titan and reimburse the client for all associated monies spent on the vehicle (minus usage fee), including attorney fees, linked to the problematic vehicle.

Our client was overjoyed with the results, finally able to part ways with her troublesome Nissan and acquire a new car that instilled confidence. If you suspect your vehicle might also be a lemon, discover today if you qualify for a refund, compensation, or other remedy by completing an online case evaluation form on our website today.