Shortly after purchasing his new 2020 Chevrolet Camaro, this client noticed a rattling sound on the right side of the engine and that the vehicle would make a ticking noise upon starting up. The technicians were able to verify these concerns. They noted that while starting the car, they heard ticking coming from the rear exhaust valve. This would be the start of a series of repair visits for our client’s new Camaro.

About one year following the first repair visit, our client took the vehicle into a local dealership for repair once again. This time, he reported a rattling/chatter type of sound coming from the vehicle. He also noticed other serious symptoms including a screeching noise while braking, a grinding metallic sound when turning the vehicle’s right front wheel, and inconsistent fuel consumption. The dealership was unable to replicate these issues at this time, however, our client returned to the shop just 6 days later for the same transmission noise issues.

Our client’s 2018 Chevrolet Camaro presented persistent problems despite numerous attempts to repair it by the dealership. On his third and final visit with the vehicle to the dealership for repair, the Camaro spent 10 days in repair. Fed up with the issues he was experiencing, our client decided to explore their options.

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