This client began noticing problems with her new 2019 Ford F-150 after owning the vehicle for less than 6 months. She noticed that the vehicle had difficulty changing gears and would jerk while in motion. The vehicle spent two weeks at the repair shop on this first visit. Three months after her first visit, our client found herself at the dealership again for the same transmission problems. This time, the car spent 21 days out of service for repairs.

Unfortunately, newer Ford F-150 models are no stranger to lemon issues like the ones our client experienced. The Ford F-150 has been the subject of multiple class-action lawsuits in recent years. Three separate lawsuits accuse Ford of knowingly selling vehicles with defective transmission systems. Affected vehicles can exhibit the following symptoms: shaking, hesitation, difficulty shifting gears, or transmission failure. These lawsuits say that the jerking and shaking can be so aggressive that several drivers have endured whiplash.

Our client’s pickup truck spent over a month at the dealership for repairs. In California, a vehicle is legally presumed to be a lemon if it spends more than 30 calendar days out of service due to any number of defects. Our client’s F-150 spent well over a month out of service due to repairs. Our client understood that there was a chance that her vehicle was a lemon, and she did not want to wait on Ford for a solution. She decided to research lemon law representation online and found the Lemon Law Experts.

With the Lemon Law Experts by her side, our client was able to get rid of her Ford pickup lemon and find a new car that she and her family could feel comfortable in. Ford agreed to buy back the defective F-150 and covered all incidental costs associated with the lemon, including her attorney fees. If you believe you have a valid lemon law claim, you too can receive outstanding results with our team at your side. Get started by giving us a call or filling out an online case assessment form today.