At around 16,000 miles, our client began noticing strange symptoms in their new 2020 GMC Sierra. They informed the technician that the radio was working intermittently and that one of the power outlets was also not functioning properly. The vehicle was kept three days out of service for repairs. The technician replaced the Sierra’s battery after our client noted that the vehicle refused to start, even after a jumpstart to the battery. The service provider determined that these problems were caused by a low voltage issue, which should have been resolved following these repairs.

Just two days later our client returned to the dealership for repairs, as electrical issues persisted in their vehicle. The GMC Sierra’s check engine light had turned on and the radio was glitching once again. Unfortunately, the technician could not replicate these issues because the check engine light disappeared prior to the repair appointment and following various inspections, the vehicle’s electrical system appeared to be working as designed.

Less than a month later, our client returned to the repair shop with the Sierra after a frightening incident involving their vehicle. While the vehicle continued to have radio and other electrical problems, our client also noticed issues involving the GMC Sierra’s braking system. During electrical glitches, our client noted that the vehicle’s brakes felt “loose,” and the vehicle became difficult to brake. The repair shop once again replaced the Sierra’s battery among other repairs after finding various error codes in the vehicle. The 2020 GMC Sierra spent 11 days out of service due to repairs.

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