Initially, this client was happy with his new car purchase. For the first six months, his 2020 Nissan Versa gave him no trouble. One day, however, a check airbag warning appeared on the dashboard. He also noticed that the front and back seatbelts were not locking properly.

He took the Versa in for repairs where the service provider discovered error codes and confirmed the issue. After inspection and testing, the vehicle was ready to be sent home after one day of service.

Over the next two months, our client was in and out of the repair shop. In fact, he made 5 more trips after that first visit, mostly for the same concerns. The 2020 Versa spent nearly a week out of service due to repairs.

Every time, the service provider would confirm that the check airbag light was on, however, they never seemed to have a permanent fix for the issue. Our client found this extremely concerning. He feared the possibility that the airbag may not work properly should he end up in a collision.

This was incredibly frustrating and terrifying for our client. Despite multiple repair visits, his Nissan Versa continued to present the same issues.

Our client did not want to get into an accident and find out then whether the airbags would work or not. He wanted solutions, so he decided to learn more about California’s lemon law process to see if his situation qualified.

He decided to go with the Lemon Law Experts. We determined through a quick case evaluation that the client indeed had a valid lemon law claim.

The outcome of his case was stellar. Nissan agreed to repurchase our client’s Nissan Versa and cover all his attorney fees and costs. With this Nissan lemon out of his hands, our client was able to purchase a new car that he could feel safe and comfortable in.