Thanks to our team at the Lemon Law Experts, Nissan North America repurchased our client’s defective 2019 Nissan Sentra. With only 20,000 miles, this vehicle developed electrical and transmission issues.  Specifically, the RPMs were revving high and the car was lagging and jerking upon acceleration.

Due to persistent trips to the Nissan service center without a permanent solution, this consumer reached out to the Lemon Law Experts for help.

Thanks to our team of experts, our client got his money back, which included the down payment, monthly payments, taxes, registration and incidental expenses related to the lemon. He was charged a usage fee for the time that he drove without any problems. Additionally, Nissan paid his attorney fees and costs and the balance of the loan on the car.

This client surrendered his Nissan Sentra and was extremely satisfied with the end results. He was able to use the refund he received to purchase a new vehicle. As a devoted Nissan consumer, he can now be seen driving a new 2023 Nissan Sentra and could not be more pleased.

He knows that if his new vehicle becomes problematic like the old one, the Lemon Law Experts are just a phone call away.