This Tesla driver first noticed structural issues in their 2022 Tesla Model S. They took the car in for repairs after noticing that the trim on the rear taillight was coming off. On this first repair visit, the Tesla spent just 1 day at the dealership for the issue. This would be the start of a series of repairs on the brand-new vehicle.

Less than a month later, our client took the Tesla in for a second repair visit after noticing suspension issues in the car. Adaptive ride control in the vehicle was disabled. The suspension would also rise and lower while the vehicle was being driven. Our client experienced other serious problems with the Tesla. They told the dealer about how the car suddenly decelerates while using auto pilot.

The Tesla service provider verified some of these concerns after they discovered damage on both sides of the rear chassis harness. After reviewing the log data and drive assistance hardware in the vehicle, they did not find any issues. The vehicle was sent home after two days of service.

The vehicle then spent 6 days in repairs on a third and final visit. Our client reported that the Model S suddenly stopped while driving and lost power completely. They were unable to power the car back on. After so many repairs on the car, our client wanted to find a new solution.

This Tesla Model S had far too many issues for a brand-new vehicle with less than 10,000 miles. Our client soon realized that their 2022 Tesla Model S may be a lemon. The Lemon Law Experts proved invaluable for this Tesla owner, successfully helping them recover the compensation they deserved for their troubles with this defective vehicle.