The California Lemon Law

When you purchase a vehicle, the terms and conditions of this sale is covered under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. Most people will know this as the “Lemon Law Act.” It is a warranty law that outlines your rights in receiving a new or used automobile in good working order, without any problems or defaults. Since you are purchasing this vehicle under state and federal warranty laws, if the car develops numerous problems, then it could be a “lemon.” A lemon vehicle refers to an automobile that needs constant repairs or an automobile that you are unable to drive for some days at a time.

Often dealerships and manufacturers are reluctant to admit they sold you a lemon automobile. They will try to use numerous excuses, or just temporarily fix the problem. When confronted with the evidence, some manufacturers will agree to pay compensation to avoid going to court. This compensation can be in the form of either money for the car’s problems or money to purchase a replacement vehicle. In other examples, such as the Porsche 997 lemon law case described below, the manufacturer can refuse to admit liability, and a California lemon law attorney will need to file a lawsuit against the seller for compensation for the lemon automobile sold.

The Case of the 2005 Porsche 997 Carrera Lemon

The case involving a 2005 Porsche 997 Carrera was brought to the attention of the Consumer Law Experts lemon law lawyers. The lemon law client purchased a brand new luxury Porsche, but experienced problems with it. The Porsche Carrera problems resulted in the car not operating properly because of electrical faults within it. When the lemon law client went to his Porsche dealership, he was told that he was the cause of the problems the car was experiencing. The manufacturer stated that he should drive his car more to avoid these Porsche 997 problems.

Instead of fixing or replacing the 997 Carrera car, the manufacturer only offered to help by placing a trickle charger to continuously supply electricity to the Porsche’s battery. This would help the car, as it would not start if the owner did not drive it every day. Porsche did not feel that their was a problem with the car, and adamantly refused to negotiate any type of compensation towards the car owner.

Believing that he had a Porsche 997 Carrera lemon on his hands, the owner of the car contacted a lemon law attorney at Consumer Law Experts. He did not feel that he should have to be treated this way by Porsche after purchasing an expensive luxury vehicle. Since Porsche refused to negotiate any compensation, the Consumer Law Experts California lemon law attorney filed a lawsuit against Porsche for compensation for the client.

The car owner with the Porsche Carrera issues had a successful case. He was awarded substantial compensation for the reduced value to his car and an amount to cover his court fees. It is always better to try and negotiate a settlement instead of going to court. However, in some cases filing a lawsuit in court is needed when the manufacturer of a lemon vehicle refuses to discuss compensation.

Seek Legal Help

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